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Set yourself apart from the competition with a Pre-Approval Letter from The Mortgage Hub

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Why Get Pre-Approved?

Once pre-approved with The Mortgage Hub, you’ll be ready for a smooth and successful homebuying experience.  You’ll know what kind of mortgage and home price is right for you so you can shop with confidence.  Our Pre-Approval Letter also lets Agents and Sellers know you’re a serious buyer who can secure financing.

Step 1

The Loan Application

Submit a home loan application through our secure portal so we may match you up with the best loan for you.

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Step 2

Income, Assets, and ID

Provide the following for our review:

  • Income documents:  pay stubs, W-2s or other proof of income, such as tax returns
  • Recent bank statements
  • Valid identification

Step 3


We will carefully review your application and documents to ensure your approval and present you with the best loan program and rate.  You will be equipped with the information you need to determine the right home price and loan amount for you.

Step 4

Pre-Approval Letter

Within one business day you will have a Pre-Approval Letter, letting your Agent and Sellers know you are ready to buy.